Our spirit behind safety mechanisms are as simple as this; “the lesser the accidents, the happier the faces are”, that’s our philosophy. At MWH It is an ongoing commitment to assure that our hardworking team members, every customer, subcontractor, supplier, engineer and the surrounding citizens are protected and minimized from the dangers that may encounter in all our job sites.

Our management is at the heart of the organization, that each leader will strive to improve quality and accelerate the development of a high performance culture at MWH. This involves leaders sharing a mutual understanding of the basic values, aims, goals of the company. They convey everyone in the top-to-bottom of the company, a clear framework of strategies linked to the targets and desired leadership behavior.

We are passionate about and proud of what we do. Our moral principle is leaders in the chain of command is well motivated to lead our team by showing them an example, engage them in activities, lead them to create their future and build one’s dream. Our success depends on the development of our team. That’s what makes us care for our brand “MWH”.

Our reputation is built over the years ago by us doing what we do best – “Quality Construction”. Integrity is the cornerstone of our success and our character is as important as ability. We build trust with our stakeholders and acted with honesty. We comply with our internal policies, management system and all local rules and regulations. We foster a culture of transparency and responsibility. We investigate all violations and complaints.

We are curious about new innovations when it comes to the development of our team and the technological advancement of the construction industry. Our leaders constantly seek to invest in such ideas and bring the necessary adjustments to existing strategies of the company.

We take pride in delivering every project on time, within the budget and with highest satisfaction. We do it by getting the job done in quality fashion, over and over again. Our customers rely us on our proven consistency to take action at real time on all the challenges and obstacles with a common-sense strategy. We will strive to be the best as in our vision by giving you, our clients, a practical solution.

At MWH it is our commitment to conduct business honestly, ethically and in accordance with the best practices and the governing Rules and Regulations of Maldives. Our ethics and compliance policies are designed to foster a free and open environment that allows and encourages our employees to the highest standards of integrity, to make inquiries, raise questions, suggest work-related concerns or report unethical business behaviors or violation of compliance, rules, regulations, policies or procedures, without fear of retaliation. We have a robust code of ethics and business conduct in place, which links our behaviors to business practices. We are guided to do the right thing and is an essential tool to help our employees make the right decisions. Every action and decision of MWH is based upon our values that we stand for.

We’ve successfully completed dozens of projects for our astonishing clients, if you interested?