Who We Are?

MWH was founded on 18th September 2005 as MWH Construction. It was the vision of its founder Mohamed Waheed to modernise his years of construction and contacting work he was carrying out for other companies. His experience was mainly in resort development and other related construction areas.

On 12th October 2011 the company was officially incorporated as a separate legal entity under Companies Act of Republic of Maldives.

Our Vision


To be a leading construction and contracting company in the Maldives

Our Mission


To deliver quality through combined dedication, team work and excellence

Team MWH

MWH is lead by a professional management team who have over fifteen years experience in managing resort construction projects within Maldives.

MWH’s workforce mainly consists of skilled Maldivians who have years of experience in building Maldivian Resorts. They all have proven track records of quality and dedicated workmanship. MWH also hires skilled and unskilled labor from neighboring countries, and manages the multi cultural teams very effectively.

MWH also posses the know-how and connections to hire, required labor or sub-contractors depending on the project requirements within a short period.


Communication is a vital skill for all our employees. We exchange complex communications on a daily basis with different teams, clients etc .. on a project to ensure smoothness of each project.


We are multi-skilled different nationals workforce representing one brand “MWH”. Our objectives and scopes are defined clearly for each day. We achieve them successfully by assisting each other.

Commercial Awareness

Commercial viability of the project is affected by each one of us on a daily basis. We all informed by the short comes of the project and we manage them efficiently by spotting the potential defects.

Resort Construction and Development

This has been our core competent zone where most of our expertise and skills had been acquired from the inception. We have assembled our trust with vast majority of our amazing clients in this zone.

Renovation, Refurbishment, Remodeling

No job will be too astronomically immense or too minute for us. We renovate it, refurbish it and remodel it according to clients ordinant dictations, designations and we just make it pristinely incipient.

Commercial, Residence Building

Our strategies with regard to building construction has reached to a further level, where we offer captivating packages and outfit this administration the greater part around our country.

Executive Team


Mohamed Waheed

Managing DIrector

Ali Ahmed

Deputy Managing Director

We’ve successfully completed dozens of projects for our astonishing clients, if you interested?